February 28, 2012


Tom Gavaghan
Tom Gavaghan

Make a positive change in your life

Clinical hypnotherapist Tom Gavaghan brings great empathy to his work. That stems from personal experience. When young, being thrown into a swimming pool left him terrified of water. Hypnotherapy enabled Tom to conquer that fear; he is now a deep sea diver.

Fascinated by the mind’s power – and after a successful career in the hospitality industry – Tom re-trained, qualifying as a hypnotherapist in 2008. Through his West London practice, Chameleonology, he provides solution-focused treatment for an array of issues: coping with grief, loss and separation; building confidence and self-esteem; and overcoming stress, anxiety and phobias. ‘It’s always fundamental to forge a rapport with a client,’ Tom explains. ‘First we chat on the phone and then meet for an hour or so (both are free).

‘Being in trance is a pleasant state. Put simply, the conscious mind takes a break – like being immersed in a book – and we then tap into the subconscious, which is where therapeutic change happens. Each session takes an hour and clients can choose to come to my therapy room or I’ll visit them at home. The process is safe, natural and very rewarding.’

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Thomas F Gavaghan
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